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Click here for a Brochure of thr NEW KXNT Series IP Telephones
The KX-NT300 series are the new wired IP extensions and we have two new cordless models—the KX-TD7684 and the KX-TD7694



Panasonic requires that a Certified Dealer provide your installation. We do not sell or give the software away as directed by Panasonic. Software not produced by Panasonic may cause conflicts with the control unit. By following these few steps, you will guarantee your warranty, and your systems are always protected. Call Panasonic toll free before you buy on-line to protect yourself: (800) 922-0028



CTI Phone Assistant
Place/Answer calls
with keyboard and
mouse. Integration
with MS Outlook
2003 & 2007
Wireless Solutions
Digital Desktop
NEW KX-NT300 Series IP Telephones.


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