Panasonic IP PBX

Panasonic has the Business Phone System to Meet Your Needs

When it’s your business, there’s nothing small about it. Panasonic, a global leader in business communications, is please to offer our latest Enhanced Communications Solutions for small to large-sized businesses.

  • Unified Communications Servers IP PBX
    Easily configure from 8 to over 1000 extensions
    Seamlessly expand and network solutions.
    Reduce costs by leveraging existing data networks
    Centralize feature access for multiple locations.
    Support mobile workforce with wireless connectivity.
    Compatible with many Panasonic and 3rd Party applications.
  • Business Phones to Fit Every Need
    IP Phones offer more powerful features.
    IP soft phones offers PC-based communications
    SIP phones for savings and centralizaiton.
    Conference phones for clarity and networking.
    Multi-cell DECT wireless for mobiltiy.
    Digital Phones for affordability and scalability.

The right model for your business
 With several models from the KXTDA through to the latest KXNSX Series, there’s a Panasonic system to meet your needs.
Flexibility – Highly modular and designed to improve your unified business communication workflow. Great value for the money – wide choice of analogue, digital or IP phones to suit your business. Work from anywhere – Give your employees all the communications capabilities they have at the office, whether they are working from home, a hotel or remote office Converged Network Platform – this enables your business to easily implement Unified Communications.

Latest technology – Fully tested with Jive SIP trunks for increased flexibility and reduced costs. Multi-site communication – full integration between sites with staff presence availability. We believe efficient communications are key. At every step we work with you to understand your business needs, defining the most effective options, whether it be Internet connectivity alternatives, LAN networks or phone systems, we got you covered.

KX-NS700 Smart Hybrid PBX

The Panasonic KX-NS700 Smart Hybrid PBX is a cost effective legacy and IP communication system for small and medium sized companies that can be flexibly configured and expanded according to your needs. The KX-NS700 has advanced features and starts from 6 analogue trunks and 18 extensions, up to 288 extensions with an Expansion Unit. The KX-NS700 is also a unified communication system which has rich IP features such as mobile linking, integrated voice mail and e-mail, instant messaging (chat), and presence information as described below, It can also use built-in applications, such as a call center solution, mobile solution, and voice mail system, to provide more efficient work and increased customer satisfaction.

Smart Hybrid Cloud

Saving Costs by Adopting a Hybrid System

Saving Costs by Adopting a Hybrid System
The KX-NS700 can utilize the benefits of a hybrid system to help businesses lower costs and allow a quick return on investment. Backwards Compatibility
Existing Digital and Analog telephones from Panasonic and trunks can continue to be used, enabling a system to be replaced at a low cost without wasting resources, and enabling state of the art features such as SIP trunking , remote workers, mobility, Etc.

DECT Wireless System

Business DECT Cell Stations are designed to be used with Panasonic IP PBX communication servers, usually in a business environment. These products bring the advanced features of the PBX  to wireless handset users, such as voicemail and presence indication. The D.E.C.T. 6.0 standard supports the use of multiple handsets operating from the same base.

IP Networking Saving VoIP Costs

You can combine both IP (SIP Trunks) and legacy analog trunks according to your needs, to construct systems that are flexible and cost effective.
VoIP allows you to talk with your remote offices anywhere in the world without telephone charges using a private IP network.
IP phones can be installed at a remote office without a PBX via an IP network. A VPN is not required. (Built-in Media Relay GW) So, you do not need to install the PBX in a branch office or home office.

Voicemail to Email Integration​

Customers can leave voice mail if they call when you are away. The KX-NS700 can record a maximum of 24 channels at the same time and up to 400 hours.
E-mail Notification
The KX-NS700 sends an e-mail to the corresponding user with your PC or cellular phone when they have new messages. Missed calls without a voice message can also be e-mailed. So, you can contact customers quickly

Call Center

Customers can leave voice mail if they call when you are away. The KX-NS700 can record a maximum of 24 channels at the same time and up to 400 hours.
E-mail Notification
The KX-NS700 sends an e-mail to the corresponding user with your PC or cellular phone when they have new messages. Missed calls without a voice message can also be e-mailed. So, you can contact customers quickly

Unified Communications​

Panasonic telephony software comprises new and highly intuitive PC based applications with a screen-based presence and a variety of collaboration tools to simplify and enhance real-time communications. 
They have highly desirable features, such as incoming call pop-up, visual presence and availability, an instant indicator of missed calls, one-click access to the company phone directory, chat (instant messaging), and integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Panasonic KX-NS1000 IP PBX

Communication servers used for business should provide solutions to current real world business requirements, such as: simplifying and improving communications, lowering costs, improving productivity, supporting SOHOs and diversifying the workplace. They should do all of these while flexibly adapting to the way each organization works.

The KX-NS1000 Business Communications Server by Panasonic is designed to deliver these solutions by integrating hardware and software components in a modular way, allowing you to tailor a communications system to your specific needs

IP to IP PBX Networking

IP Networking Flexibility and Scalability

The KX-NS1000 fully supports IP, an open protocol for establishing real-time communication. Using IP effectively can result in compelling advantages such as improving user efficiency, and lowering communication costs. By connecting an existing Panasonic PBX system with the KX-NS1000, you can efficiently make legacy lines and terminals more expandable and flexible. The KX-NS1000 enables you to add IP capacity and functionality to an existing Panasonic PBX system at a low cost.

One-look Networking

Panasonic’s One-look Networking is a system where a single KX-NS1000 works and provides PBX features even though two or more KX-NS series units are networked. 
It is not necessary to provide additional servers. The system can be expanded easily via a web based maintenance console. One-look Networking provides a maximum of 16 sites, and the large capacity of the KX-NS1000 supports up to 1000 users.

QSIG Networking Support

When the KX-NS1000 connects to existing PBXs such as the KX-TDE and KX-NCP via an ISDN private network or VoIP network (H.323), it is possible to flexibly increase capacity and provide QSIG features. QSIG networking is capable of supporting up to 8000 users and 17 or more sites on a network. It is not necessary to renew all PBX systems when the office population increases or a new branch is opened

Panasonic KX-NSX2000

Our communication styles continue to change over the years.
When only analogue communication was available, each phone line was assigned a specific telephone number. If the user moved and wanted to keep the same number, it was necessary to reroute the phone line. When IP started to gain popularity, it became possible to assign a telephone number to a specific device. Simply by moving the device, users could use the same number in different locations. Now, users expect that telephone numbers can be assigned to specific users, which can then be used from any device. As a result, users can conduct business communication not only inside the office, but even outside or at home, creating an opportunity to revolutionize their work style.

Business Communications Server