Our main objectives at Select Telecom Systems
is to find a way to enhance or replace your existing business telephone systems infrastructure.  Secondly, we will find ways to cut costs and get more bang for your dollar, our goal is to save you money. We are happy to offer both cloud based hosted business telephone systems as well as traditional on premise business telephone systems.  Voice over Internet technology has been evolving since 2000, In the past 5 years it has been perfected into mainstream day to day operations for a phone system. There are so many choices out there today when it comes to business technologies; frankly it can be overwhelming and confusing.  We have watched the industry evolve and morph to what it is today. We have been doing the home work since 1986, we have a network of experienced technicians that are available with suggestions and helpful information. 

There is no longer any need to be left at the mercy of the big telephone/IT companies’ long wait times and overpriced services, and an unsatisfactory experience.  Our boutique style customer service combined with our expert next level solutions will have you thinking with a fresh perspective. Additionally, the remote support packages we offer make it so you won’t always have to pay trip charges, this also allows us to give you quicker response times.  If you no longer wish to be the IT professional in your office, our managed IT/Telecom services offering is for you.  Let us handle everything.  

Carrier Services

We can take the confusion out of telecom
After we audit your phone bills, we can help you navigate and interpret the jargon and maze of telecom services. We can recommend and order the best and most effective cost saving services from major leading carriers – like AT&T, Comcast, Cox, Atlantic Broadband. You may be able to increase productivity and reduce the heartaches of poor bandwidth – sudden rate increases. We can eliminate the time you spend researching and being misled.

Carrier Services
CAT6 Patch Panel

Voice & Data Wiring

Wiring is everything
Your business network and communications network depend on the quality of your cabling and wiring. There is a science behind it. We can install category 5 and category 6 wiring for your telephone system and your computer network and maintain industry compliance. We can also provide data racks, wire management accessories and clean up.

Telephone Systems

Hybrid IP Telephone Systems on premise
Today’s businesses require flexible, cost effective, and efficient telecommunications solutions. More and more people are working away from the office. Select Telecom Systems has 2 different telephone system options which enables us to deliver a tailor made solution that fits your organization. Our staff has been installing telephone systems throughout South Florida from West Palm Beach to Key West as well as the Caribbean for 30 years. We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you in making the right decisions. Whether you require service to an existing business telephone system, or looking to upgrade or move into the cloud with a hosted solution, we would love to be your provider!

Hosted Systems

Hosted Telephone Systems off premise
A hosted telephone system is an IP based PBX hosted in a data center where it can be distributed to many simultaneous data centers. This is what they mean when they say “It’s in the cloud”. You would have an IP telephone on your desk, it rides on your existing high speed internet connection to connect. Let us connect you to our hosted telephone system today.

SIP Trunks

Business VoIP Telephone Lines
There is a good chance that you are overpaying for your business telephone lines!  IP telephony has been around since 1995, it has taken 30 years to perfect the technology. High quality, reliable dial tone delivered over the internet is now a reality. It will become the only source for dial tone within 5 years. Furthermore, there is no longer, any reason to be hog tied to a major telecom that cares more about their shareholders than about your business. Select Telecom Systems can offer you a month to month contract with our SIP business telephone service , whether it’s Hosted or on premise. If you choose to switch, not only can you keep your existing telephone number, it doesn’t matter where you move to. Are you looking to go national? If so, we can give you direct lines in multiple cities allowing you to offer a local calling presence to your remote customers. If you need to add more channels, we can deliver them in most cases within the same time you call in the order. SIP trunks are quickly replacing traditional business telephone lines in many offices today. Stop overpaying and give us a call to make the switch today.